Our Team



Born and raised in Rome, Italy, Tiziana graduated from the University of Physical Education in 1991. She moved from Italy to Chicago the same year and began her work as a Group Fitness Instructor. Following the birth of her second child, she realized typical training programs, such as weight training and cardio, were not helping in getting her body back and achieving the results she desired. She had heard about Pilates and participated in her first fitness class in over a year. Power Pilates is a classical and systematic and integrative approach to the system. It creates total body sculpting system for losing weight. It helps to sculpt long, lean muscles and reshape your body from head to toe. Following the first week, she saw visible results. It left her refreshed and with a feeling of mental and physical well-being. There she began her journey of passion for Pilates as well as her clients. With over 16 years of teaching experience in the fitness industry, She has been teaching Pilates Principles at a leading health club in Chicago. As a comprehensive Power Pilates certified Instructor and Trainer , she has helped hundreds of people transform their bodies in ways they never thought possible. A firm believer of the Pilates Principles; Centering, Concentration, Control, Precision, Breath and Flow, Tiziana says that she has never looked or felt better in her life!



As a registered Nurse in the state of Illinois, Kelly knows how important health and fitness can be for the body and mind. She fell in love with Pilates years ago while trying to figure out a healthy way to fit work, life and fitness in her schedule. It transformed her body. Kelly figured out early that Pilates helped people in pain by stretching and strengthen the muscles. Pilates became an instant addiction, and has had a lasting impact on her body. Suffering from lower back issues early on, Pilates has been her therapy of choice for years. Changing people’s bodies and mind set with Pilates core progression is something that she loves doing and will continue to do. Pilates has brought a great transformation to her life, body, and mind.



Lennie Fenton has been involved in fitness and athletics her whole life. Having completed two triathlons and other fitness challenges she became more determined to learn about the human body and how it works. She began her Pilates journey in 2007 when she tried her first reformer class with Tiziana Buzzi. Within just a few months she realized how effective this method truly could be and she was completely hooked! In 2012, Lennie went back to school to study Exercise Science and Nutrition. She would then go on to receive her Power Pilates certification through Advanced Mat. Lennie is excited to share a fun but challenging approach to teaching Pilates while her clients experience improved flexibility, definition, body awareness, and strength.



Michelle has been part of the Hinsdale/ Oak Brook community for over 20 years. She has worked and raised her family here. She started doing Pilates 10 years ago, and soon found the PilatesByT studio. She was a client first, working out and gaining knowledge of the Pilates method. After training with Tiziana, she made PilatesByT her permanent home. Teaching Pilates is a passion for her, and she is a great addition to out team.