Gretchen Otterblad

I started doing Pilates by T about a year ago after having my second baby, and have experienced amazing results! The workouts have helped improve my overall strength, balance, and flexibility. The instructors are very knowledgeable and motivating. They offer multiple progressions for each exercise and know how to push you! A year later, I have lost all the baby weight and feel stronger than ever!

Aarathi Singh

So happy I was referred by a friend to join Pilates by T over three years ago. I've been going consistently and it is the best workout I've ever done! The instructors are motivating and teach ways to build on progressions so you see continual improvement. I'm so grateful for them and their amazing studio!

Shilpa Desai

Pilates by T is THE MOST AMAZING EFFECTIVE work out I have ever done! The instructors are talented and very knowledgeable, equipment and facility are in excellent condition. The results are significant - I am the strongest I have ever been - I have had 100 percent positive experience there every single time I have attended a class. I have been attending twice a week for more than a year and plan to be a lifer!"

Monica Johal

I️ consider myself an active person willing to try new workouts. I️ had heard great things about Pilates by T, but didn’t realize how great I️ would feel after my sessions. I️ have been going since January and look forward to every session. I️ highly recommend Pilates by T to anyone looking for a leaner and stronger body. It’s amazing!!

Puja Gupta

Pilates by T has gotten me into the best shape I've ever been in! T's Reformer workouts are the best combo of cardio and strength training. It helped me loose all the baby weight post having twins and makes me feel strong and healthy all week long. All the instructors at this studio are phenomenal and even my husband is hooked on her fantastic workouts!

Courtney Keefe

I love Pilates by T! Every time you walk in to get your sweat on it's always a different workout for different areas you want to work on. The studio is always clean and the staff is very knowledgeable with intentions to get you to your fitness goals. I would highly recommend this Pilates studio to anyone considering trying it out!

Nina Goyal

I look forward to every work out at Pilates by T! The instructors are knowledgable and work with you to build up your skill level. I joined over 5 years ago and went from a complete novice to some one who loves her 90 minute bootcamp sessions! There's simply no workout as effective and which makes you feel great and strengthens your core. The friendly atmosphere and fun clientele who participate in group classes are simply an added bonus. I'm thrilled my neighbor introduced me to them years ago, they made a pilates 'lifer' out of me!

Christine Kidder

I love Pilates by T. I have tried everything to stay fit and Pilates at T's studio gives me the best results, plus it helps me to do all the other things I enjoy; running, swimming, cycling, golf, etc. If you do Pilates you will find how quickly it makes you stronger and improves your overall quality of life. Give it a try for 8 will be amazed at the results.